Hiring structure

In this document we detail our hiring structure:

Hiring method

All team members are hired as freelancers, and as such the relationship between the team member and Fluid Checkout does not constitute employment.

Fluid Checkout uses Upwork for hiring, managing and paying team members. As such, payments are automatically charged every week by Upwork and payouts to the freelancer are done as per the frequency choosen by them in their Upwork account settings.

The freelancer is responsible for reporting and paying their own taxes in their country of residency.

Assigned roles

Each team member must be assigned with at least one role, but might also execute tasks from other roles being usually the next role for which they are currently assigned.

In case a team member is assigned more than one role, the payment will be defined proportionally to the number of hours expected to be executed for each role.

Role progression and performance evaluation

Where appropriate, a plan for progression from one role to another might be defined for each team member. The team member must comply with the progression plan to meet the milestones defined by them, their supervision, and the administration.

The adderence to the plan the milestones met and how well the will be used as crirWhen the milestones are met,

Payment amounts

Payment values are defined as a range for full-time job (40h per week) for each role and can be defined for each person as a fixed amount or on a per-hour basis for part-time team members.

  • Support Level 1: 1000-1200 EUR / month ( 6,25-7,5 EUR / hour)
  • Support Level 2: 1200-1600 EUR / month ( 7,5-10 EUR / hour)
  • Developer Level 1: 1800-3200 EUR / month (11,25-20 EUR / hour)
  • Developer Level 2: 3200-4800 EUR / month ( 20-30 EUR / hour)
  • Product Owner: 3200-5600 EUR / month ( 20-35 EUR / hour)

The actual amount paid for each team member is defined based on their assigned role, their current skills, and tasks executed.

Payment amount reviews

The actual amount paid for each member is defined based on the skills and tasks executed by them.

Payment amounts can be reviewed usually every 12 months in August, and new values paid from September. This timeframe gives us enough time to evaluate the financial situation of the company, given that we expect an increase in revenue from July of each year as we enter a new yearly renewal period from when we first launched Fluid Checkout PRO.

Exceptionally payment amount reviews might occasionally happen in other times of the year at the discretion of the administration.

The performance of each team member according to the role progression plan defined to them will be used as criteria in the evaluation of payment amount raises.