About Fluid Checkout

Fluid Checkout is a small software company specialized in WooCommerce checkout plugins and trusted by 10,000+ WooCommerce shops.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, Fluid Checkout is designed to meet the diverse needs of online merchants and its customers at the most critical step of online sales.

Say goodbye to the cumbersome default WooCommerce checkout page, and hello to simplicity and better conversion rates.

Our mission

We are on a mission to make Fluid Checkout the best WooCommerce checkout plugin on the market.

The default WooCommerce checkout page can be a source of frustration due to its lengthy and unclear process and no sense of progress to guide customers. It lacks visual appeal, with crucial elements not clearly visible, and guest checkout process requiring substantial improvement. Not to mention the impact all these issues have on your conversion rates.

We understand the challenges faced by both merchants and customers during online transactions, and are dedicated to providing solutions to overcome those challenges. We work to make the online purchase journey as seamless, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.

Solutions based on research and feedback

The Fluid Checkout features and designs are based upon investigation of the top-notch research conducted by the Baymard Institute on cart and checkout designs and improved over time with the feedback provided by our 10.000+ happy customers, on top of years of building WooCommerce websites.

5 reasons to choose our plugins

  1. Fast and personalized support from our friendly team. We usually reply within 24 hours on working days and often sooner.
  2. Solutions based on top-notch research and years of experience building websites just like yours.
  3. Lightning fast code developed in line with the WordPress standards and best practices.
  4. Regular updates to add new features and ensure compatibility with 3rd-party themes, plugins and latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.
  5. Your insights shape our plugins development, ensuring that we continuously enhance our products based on real user experiences.

Meet the team

The people behind Fluid Checkout.

Your name here — Join us

At Fluid Checkout, we believe our success lies in the exceptional skills individuals can bring to the team.

If you share our enthusiasm for making the best WooCommerce checkout plugins and thrive in a collaborative environment, we invite you to consider joining us on our exciting journey.