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An even better Fluid Checkout experience for your WooCommerce store, with Cart page optimizations, Order Received page optimizations, Address Book allowing users to save multiple addresses for shipping and billing, and more.

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Includes the plugin Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce


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Fluid Checkout PRO for WooCommerce

Extend the Fluid Checkout – Lite features with optimized cart and order received (thank you) pages, express checkout buttons, allow customers to save multiple addresses to their account with the address book feature, autocomplete address with the Google Address Autocomplete plugin included, add gift message fields to the checkout page and print them on packing lists, hide shipping address for local pickup orders… and a lot more features to come.

In short, the PRO version adds these features below, click on the link to jump to the details of your favorite feature:

Make the whole purchase experience consistent

From the optimized cart page, to checkout page, order confirmation page and view order details on the account dashboard; the same look and feel across the entire purchase journey.

Screenshots showing the cart, checkout and order details pages

Optimized cart page

Always updated

With cart contents and totals updated automatically, customers won’t need to click that pesky “Update cart” button.

Whenever customers change the quantity of a product, remove a product, and add more products from the cart cross-sells or even from other browser tabs; the cart contents and totals are always up-to-date.

There is no need to refresh the page as all the cart functions are processed via AJAX.

Screenshot showing the cart actions that trigger updating the cart totals

Easily add trust symbols to the cart page

Boost the perceived trust customers have on your website with trust symbols such as guarantees, accepted payment methods, security badges, reviews, testimonials, or anything really.

You can add them as widgets in these strategic positions:

  1. Cart Header – Desktop: displayed at the page header.
  2. Order Summary: at the bottom of the order summary section, below the proceed to checkout button.
  3. Cart Sidebar: displayed on the sidebar, below the order summary.
  4. Cart Header – Mobile: at the top of the page, right below the header.
Examples of trust symbols on the cart page
Examples of trust symbols on the cart page: 1 – Desktop header widget area. 2 – Order summary widget area. 3 – Cart Sidebar widget area.

Integrated coupon code field

Similarly to the checkout page, the coupon code field and button are integrated into the cart page.

Avoid sending customers on a coupon-hunting adventure outside of your website to never see them again.

Choose the position where the coupon field is displayed to fit your discounts strategy:

  • Inside the order summary
  • Before order items section
  • Inside order items section
  • After order items section
  • … and other positions.
Coupon code field shown on the cart order summary

Shipping as a separate section

Display the shipping address destination, shipping calculation form, and the shipping methods options as a separate section in the cart page.

Shipping section on the cart page

Saved addresses for the shipping calculator

Let returning customers choose an address from their address book when the shipping calculator is enabled on the cart page.

Saved address displayed on shipping section

Re-add / undo removed items

People change their mind and make mistakes all the time.

WooCommerce will only show the message to undo removing the last removed cart item.

With Fluid Checkout PRO, let customers easily re-add various products they might have removed from their cart, intentionally or accidentally.

Multiple "undo" removed item messages on the cart page, with option to "undo / re-add item" or "dismiss" message

Cart upsells/cross-sells layout

Display a separate section with cross-sells offers in the same style as the products already added to the cart, with a clear “Add to cart” button.

Cross-sells / upsells being displayed on the cart page

Optimized order received page

Order details on order received pages, view order page and emails

Get the same look and feel for order details on the order received (thank you) page and view order pages on the account dashboard. All with the same layout, for a consistent customer experience.

Order details are displayed in separate sections that can be organized in almost any order.

Most notably, these pages will show the relevant actions the customer can take on the orders and an order status progress bar.

Currently, the style for the order details on emails are not changed by Fluid Checkout PRO.

Screenshot of the order received page showing the separate sections

Status progress bar and customer notes

Customers are always anxious after they place an order.

The status progress bar eases their anxiety by showing some progress and giving them a glimpse of which steps will come next.

Notes sent to customers are also displayed on the order updates section.

Screenshot showing the order status and updates section

Order overview, with relevant actions

It is a pity that WooCommerce does not allow customers to take actions from inside the order details, only from the orders list.

For instance, if an order is “pending payment”. The user can only get to the payment page to complete their order from the orders list on the account dashboard. Guest customers won’t ever see these actions.

Fluid Checkout PRO shows all the relevant actions a customer can take on an order from both the orders list, view order details and order received page.

These actions can include “Complete payment“, “Cancel order“, “Order again” and other actions added by compatible 3rd-party plugins.

Multiple order overview sections showing different actions based on the order status

Payment methods instructions displayed when relevant

Display the payment method instructions on the order details for orders to be paid via bank transfer and cash on delivery, or other payment method that needs the customer to take extra actions before the order can be fully processed.

The payment instructions section is removed as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Screenshot showing the payment instructions section on the order details

Order summary on the sidebar

The order summary can be displayed as a separate section between the other sections.

On the order received page, the order summary can also be displayed on the sidebar.

Screenshot showing the order summary on the order received sidebar

Easily add extra information on the order received page

As for the cart page trust symbols, you can add extra information on the order received page to reinforce the customer’s experience; such as guarantees, how-tos, testimonials, or anything really.

You can add them as widgets in these strategic positions:

  1. Order received sidebar: displayed on the sidebar for desktop devices and after all the order details sections for mobile.
  2. Order received, top and bottom of the page: Add any content before or after the order received page in the page edit mode.
Screenshot showing extra information on the order received page

Address book

Multiple shipping and billing addresses

Nobody likes to say the same thing twice. At least that is the case with filling up checkout forms online.

WooCommerce allows customers to save only two addresses to their account, one for billing and another for shipping.

When customers want to send goods to different addresses, WooCommerce will overwrite the shipping and billing addresses with the last ones used.

With the address book feature, customers can save multiple shipping and billing addresses to their account, and choose which ones to use at checkout.

No more losing customers addresses šŸ™‚

Address book saved addresses at checkout

Save a new address from the checkout page

The saved addresses can be used on the checkout page for shipping or billing.

If the address is not saved yet, customers can add a new address from the checkout page and save it to when completing the purchase, without having to go to the account dashboard first.

Screenshot showing the option to save a new address from the checkout page

Save addresses with a label or nickname

When customers have multiple addresses saved, they can easily identify which ones to use by adding a personal label or nickname for each address.

They can call an address “Home”, “Mom’s house” or “Headquarters” and “California Branch”.

Whatever they like to call the addresses, this information is private to the customer and will not be displayed for admin users or be sent on any communication.

Screenshot showing the option to save a new address with a label or nickname

Address book for shipping calculator

When the shipping calculator is enabled on the cart page, customers can also choose from their saved addresses instead of filling up the fields.

Saved address displayed on shipping section

Manage saved addresses

Customers can manage their saved addresses from the account dashboard.

They can add new addresses, make changes to existing addresses, set the default shipping and billing addresses, or delete an existing address.

Screenshot showing the saved addresses with options to add a new address, edit, delete or and set an address as default for shipping or billing

Address book migration

Existing addresses saved to the customer’s account can be migrated to the Fluid Checkout PRO address book feature with the migration tool.

The migration runs as a background process to impact as little as possible on the performance of the website. Although, the process is usually very fast šŸ™‚

Screenshot showing the admin user interface to migrate addresses saved from WooCommerce to the address book feature

Address autocomplete, with the Google Address Autocomplete plugin included

The Google Address Autocomplete plugin is included in Fluid Checkout PRO, and will be added to your purchase automatically for no extra charge šŸ™‚

Avoid delivery delays and unsatisfied customers. Collect the correct address information from the first time they buy with you.

Give your customers the convenience of searching for their address in a familiar way and save them from typing 5-10 fields in your webshop checkout page. That’s around 40% less form fields than in a typical WooCommerce checkout page.

See all details about Google Address Autocomplete

Suggested addresses for autocomplete

Express checkout

Each payment method that supports express checkout buttons add their buttons in a different way, sometimes in places where it does not make a lot of sense.

With Fluid Checkout PRO, the express checkout buttons from compatible plugins are all displayed on the same place, where the customer would expect it to be.

Currently, the following payment gateways are compatible with the express checkout feature:

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon express checkout buttons displayed on the checkout page

Gift messages

Offer an easy way for your customers to add a gift message to their order.

You can then use it to print a personalized gift card or print it on the packing slips generated with supported plugins.

The packing slip document can be folded in half and attached to the packaging to show the gift message.

Download example of a packing slip

Currently, Fluid Checkout PRO adds gift messages to packing slips documents generated with the following plugins:

Gift message fields at the shipping step

Local pickup delivery methods

Remove the shipping fields from the checkout page when the customer selects a local pickup delivery method.

There is no need to ask for the customer’s shipping address, because the products will be delivered to the physical store’s location.

Shipping address section replaced with the pickup location, showing the store's address

Compatibility with themes and 3rd-party plugins

The following themes are compatible with Fluid Checkout PRO:

The following 3rd-party plugins are compatible with the PRO features and the checkout page from Fluid Checkout Lite:

  • Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce ā€“ PRO – by ThemeHigh
  • WooCommerce Amazon Pay – by WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Order Delivery – by Themesquad
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips – by Ewout Fernhout
  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards – by WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Print Invoices/Packing Lists – by SkyVerge
  • WooCommerce Stripe Gateway – by WooCommerce

Disclaimer: this list of compatible themes and plugins is for information only and does not automatically constitutes endorsement by Fluid Checkout.

Don’t see a plugin or theme in the list? No problem.

Only the plugins and themes that we have added explicit compatibility with, or that we have tested and works as expected are listed above.

If a plugin or payment method is not on the list it does not mean it won’t work. Only that we have not tested it yet.

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Fluid Checkout – Lite, Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce (by Fluid Checkout)

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    Free version was great but PRO is awesome well worth the money made a big difference to my site and support from Diego is great too very quick to respond only needed support to personalise to my needs no issues with plugin work perfect, looks and feels much better and the fact you can do basket (cart) page and order recived page as well is even better whole customer experiance has improved 100% and one more note since the free version my drop of cart rate has improved as well its a no brainer in my eyes, its paid for itself already.

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