Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce

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Let customers auto-fill shipping and billing addresses at the checkout and account pages with the Google Address Autocomplete API.

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Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce

Nobody likes filling out long forms online. The checkout form is no exception.

Avoid delivery delays and unsatisfied customers by collecting the correct address information from the first time they buy with you.

Give your customers the convenience of searching for their address in a familiar way and save them from typing 5-10 fields in your webshop checkout page. That’s around 40% of the form fields in a typical WooCommerce checkout page.

Autocompletes the Shipping and Billing addresses

Enable Google Address Autocomplete API to auto-fill shipping and billing addresses at the checkout page.

Integrates seamlessly with the checkout form. Start typing in the “Street address” field to search and for address options.

Suggested addresses for autocomplete

Search for addresses in any country support by Google Places API

If you are selling globally, let customers search for addresses in any country.

Otherwise, the plugin will automatically filter addresses for only the countries you sell or ship to based on the WooCommerce settings – only up to 5 countries due to Google Places API limitations.

Filter addresses to countries in WooCommerce settings

Auto-fill all address fields

Auto-fills all default address fields: Street address, Number, City, State, Zipcode and Countrywhen provided by the Google Places API.

Customers can skip the autocompletion from Google, and use auto-fill from addresses saved in their browser of choice, or skip autocompletion entirely.

Allow customers to change any of the address fields after autocompletion.

Supports plugins that add extra address fields:

Address fields autocompleted with Google Address Autocomplete

Automatically corrects the address info

The plugin will correct any address with the information provided by the Google Places API.

In some places like Brazil or the Netherlands, the house number is expected at the end of the street address. The plugin will automatically move the number to the correct position based on what is most used or expected in each country.

Address with corrected street address name

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